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2021 Final Budget

Executive Committee Adopts 2021 Final Budget December 9, 2020

On December 9, 2020, the Executive Board adopted the Final 2021 Budget. With the continuing pandemic, Dick Weaver, Treasurer, presented a conservative budget closely mirroring the 2020 Budget. Mr. Weaver noted the organization's strong financial position. 

2020 Budget Announcement

To: BCATO Executive Board

The attached proposed 2020 Budget is submitted for your review and comment. The Budget document consists of a thoughtful and modest presentation of the proposed revenues and expenses expected for the coming year.

The Budget consists of one fund detailing the proposed revenues and expenditures for the coming year in line-item format.

Supporting exhibits are included to offer an additional level of detail to provide the Board with a better understanding of the appropriations.

The Budget

The Budget provides a continued progression of financial sound support for the future of the organization, as we continue with revenues exceeding expenses. The carry over from 2019 provides a balance of $81,053 and an estimated ending balance in 2020 of $87,174.

The previous three funds have been consolidated into one program fund. This simplifies the entire process and has been endorsed by DunlapSKL,Inc., our CPA firm.

The revenue projected are conservative with most of them verified and expenditures also reviewed with cautious diligence.

The program fund will produce a positive $6,121 balance over expenses in 2020 and continue to provide a stable future for this organization.

Our future looks bright as we continue to develop our long-range plans and being sound financially. This will enable us to increase our services to our communities.

Submitted Respectfully,
Richard Weaver