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2021 Resolutions

Resolutions can be submitted to the organization throughout the year for consideration by the Resolutions Committee. If passed, the resolution would be placed on the ballot at the Annual Convention in February for a full member vote. Passed resolutions are then forwarded to PSATS to be voted on during its annual convention. Resolutions are currently being accepted by any member township interested in submitting resolutions for consideration during the Annual Convention, scheduled for February 26, 2022. Please submit your resolutions to Stacey Mulholland at  by January 11, 2022.

 Following review by the Executive Board, the Resolutions Committee shall prepare a list of the resolutions submitted by both the townships and the members of the Association. This list along with the Committee’s recommendations as acceptance or denial shall be submitted to all member townships no less than four (4) weeks prior to the annual convention at which the resolutions are to be considered. All approved resolutions shall be forwarded to the Pennsylvania State Association of Township Supervisors.

UPDATE: At the May 6th meeting of the PSATS Executive Board, the March 3rd minutes of the Resolutions Committee were approved. Here are the results of the Committee's actions: