Harrisburg: December 14, 2023-The PA House Consumer Protection, Technologies, and Utilities committee heard testimony on a package of bills aimed at leveling the playing field in the acquisition of municipal water and wastewater treatment plants. Since Act 12 became law in 2016, investor-owned utilities have closed deals leaving ratepayers with unprecedented rate increases. The legislation (HB 1862, HB 1863, HB 1864, HB 1865) and testimony are available here.

Several representatives of the Bucks County delegation sit on the PA House Consumer Protection, Technologies, and Utilities Committee including Rep. Brian Munroe (PA-144), Rep. KC Tomlinson (PA-18), and Rep. Joe Hogan (PA-142).

Although not a member of the committee Representative Tina Davis (PA-141) has cosigned onto this package of bills.  If your representative has not cosigned on this package of bills, they should be informed of the protective measures that this legislation can provide to municipal authority ratepayers.

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