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CONGRATULATIONS TO KUTZ ELEMENTARY who recieved this year's Youth Award from BCATO and PSATS.

Project award description:  Kutz Elementary created and produced a documentary to mark the 200th anniversary of Doylestown Township (1818-2018).  The students were tasked with telling the story of living, learning and playing in Doylestown for the past 200 years.  The project was collectively identified by Adam Controy (Teacher) and Kimberly Cambra (CB Cares Educational Foundation) with cooperation of Kutz Elementary’ s principal Nadine Garvin along with 4th and 6th grade students.  Direction and leadership was provided through collaborative efforts of Doylestown Township’s Manager Stephanie Mason, Park and Rec Director, Karen Sweeney and Board of Supervisors Chair Barbara Lyons. 

The students researched, interviewed, created story boards / timelines while learning to film, direct and edit working towards the final production. This was a total benefit to Doylestown Township residents, leadership and stakeholders. By allowing the youth of the future to celebrate the past by creating this unique documentary which brings together playing, learning and living in Doylestown through the two centuries.  

The goal was to empower their youth to create a video birthday card for the Townships bicentennial.  The students created a wonderful timeline video and identified all of the significant historic sites as well as did a fantastic job showcasing how these facets of the Township are all intertwined as a very special community. 

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