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Executive Committees

Auditing Committee


  • Warren Keyser, Newtown Township
  • Bill Clark, Lower Makefield Township
  • Gerry Crandley, Upper Southampton Township

Awards Committee

The Awards Committee chooses the annual winner of the Dr. Richard "Doc" Derstine Youth Awards Contest and George Metzger Service Award.


  • Chester Pogonowski, Wrightstown Township
  • Judith Algeo, Warwick Township
  • Maggie Rash, Buckingham Township

Education Committee

The Education Committee is responsible for helping to plan the organization's Annual Convention and Annual Fall Meeting and develop Education Series events as needed.


  • Stacey Mulholland, Plumstead Township (Chair)
  • Gail Weniger, Warwick Township
  • Ann Calderio, Buckingham Township
  • Joe McFadden, Lower Southampton Township
  • Barry Moore, Northampton Township

Legislative Committee

The Legislative Committee has bi-monthly meetings to discuss legislative agenda items affecting member municipalities and to recommend action to the Executive Board.  Each member is also responsible as a liaison to specific state legislators to build relationships and connect them to the organization.


  • Joe DiGirolamo, Bensalem Township (Chair)
  • Thomas Courduff, Milford Township
  • Jon Forest, Buckingham Township
  • Joe McFadden, Lower Southampton Township
  • Dan McPhillips, Warminster Township
  • Dan Rattigan, Upper Makefield Township
  • David Nyman, East Rockhill Township

Membership Outreach Committee

The Membership Outreach Committee is responsible for hosting meetings as needed to gauge the concerns of members regardings their municipalities and to help plan the organization's hospitality suite at the PSATS conference.


  • Dan McPhillips, Warminster Township (Chair)
  • Don Duvall, West Rockhill Township
  • Jason Croley, Warminster Township
  • Maggie Rash, Buckingam Township
  • Eileen Bradley, New Britain Township
  • Tony Belfield, Bensalem Township
  • David Long, Springfield Township

Nominating Committee


  • Jane Magne, Wrightstown Township
  • Eileen Silver, Northampton Township
  • Ed Kisselback, Bensalem Township

Resolution Committee


  • Dave Nyman, East Rockhill Township
  • Dan Rattigan, Upper Makefield Township
  • Chester Pogonowski, Wrightstown Township